Trapani nightlife


Trapani has several good bars and restaurants and a vibrant nightlife that is spread all over town. In the center there are several bars with dj’s and people like to stay and drink at the streets. The young generation is fond of cocktails. The best places to be in the center are at Via Garibaldi, via Torrearsa and Corso Vittorio Emanuelle.

There are also some late night clubs such as Bar 8.5. In general the bars in the center stay open up to three o clock at night.

Beach Tents / Beach Clubs

  • Lido Paradiso is the closest beach club to Trapani with regular dance nights in July and August.
  • Isla Blanca is in the north of Trapani, 1 mile from the center. Open from mid May to mid September and about 2 times a week dancing. The disco nights are very busy and it’s a more stylish club than Lido Paradiso.
  • Lido Marausa is the closest beach club to the airport and 8 miles from Trapani. Disco in July and August. Marausa Lido is the largest beach resort of Trapani and has a mile long sandy beach. To get to this club it is advisable to take a taxi.

Clubs in the city

Wine bar

  • Rakija is a new wine bar in a beautiful square with good music. Mixed crowd, close to via Garibaldi and open late 3h/4h with draft and german beers
  • Versi di Rosso is a wine bar but looks more like a restaurant. This is a must, on Corso Vittorio.

Bars / Pubs

  • Bar Salotto is managed by two typically Sicilian brothers. Nice patio and great cocktails with commercial music. Torrearsa, 104.
  • Gral on via Garibaldi is a small pub. Most visitors are between 30 and 50 years. Open late 3h/4h.
  • Two small bars all round with lots of tables on the street, the via Garibaldi almost 24 hours per day open. Open between 6-7h in the morning before breakfast, evening open until 2-3h.
  • Ra Nova is a nice bar with sometimes loud disco music.
  • Bocadillo, a pub with a lovely terrace in the summer and the best bar for live music. In the summer there is live music almost every night of good quality. One of the owners also owns Lido Paradiso. The audience is between 20-40 years. Through Begonia, 21.