Terms and conditions

    About us and how we work

  • We are an intermediary and process requests for accommodations in Trapani.
  • Booking

  • A booking request at Trapani.co.uk will be processed immediately. Within one day you will receive an overview of the rates and availability. These rates come directly from the accommodation themselves and are guaranteed to be the lowest rates available.
  • Errors and inaccuracies

  • Each accommodation has their own services and conditions that we describe as clearly and actual as possible on our website. We however do not exclude that there are differences between what is stated at Trapani.co.uk and what the actual situation is at the accommodations. Despite utmost care towards the content of the website, it is possible that errors or inaccuracies appear on the website. We accept no responsibility for errors or inaccuracies. Also, no rights can be derived from any errors or inaccuracies.
  • Cancellation or no-show

  • By making a booking at an accommodation you accept the relevant terms and conditions regarding cancellations or no-shows of that accommodation. Terms and conditions regarding cancellation or no-show is made available by the accommodation during the booking procedure.
  • Questions or comments

  • Do you have any suggestions, comments or complaints? Please let us know here