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Sicily is a very special island in the Mediterranean and part of Italy. In the past it was conquered by the Greeks, the Romans and later the Arabs. Because of the numerous conquests, Sicily has a distinctly different character than the rest of Italy. This is mainly reflected in local customs.

The western part of Sicily, where Trapani is located, is also called “African Sicily”. They eat here for example (fish) Cous Cous and unlike the rest of Italy people prefer beer instead of wine. Sicilians have their own language but the young generation speaks Italian and many also English.

Holiday at Sicily

Sicily is gaining more and more attention as a holiday destination. This is partly because Ryanair offers cheap flights from most European countries such as from England (London Luton). Sicily offers many things to see and to do. The major attractions are the Etna vulcano, ancient Taormina and the cristal clear waters all around the island. The beaches are fantastic, most with azure waters and palm trees, just like in the Caribbean.

Trapani at Western Sicily

Typical for this region are the unspoilted areas with many historical sites. The region is not yet discovered by mass tourism and this makes it a real holiday destination. At Western Sicily you will find some very beautiful places directly at sea, such as Trapani, Marsala and Castellammare del golfo. The region has many vineyards and olive groves and produces very fine wines and high quality olive oil.

If you go to Western Sicily you will most likely also visit Trapani. Trapani, the capital of the province of Trapani houses the airport of Western Sicily and has a nice baroque center.

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