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Dove si mangia bene a Trapani? Or where can you have great food in Trapani? Trapani has a rich gastronomic culture. The region and province of Trapani is well known for its “Trapanese” specialities such as “Fish Cous Cous” and the famous “Pesto alla Trapanese”. These delicious meals are popular throughout the whole of Italy.

It is therefore not surprising that Trapani has many good and very good (fish) restaurants. Price range; a good pizza starting at € 5 and diner at exclusive restaurants starting at about € 40 p.p.

Cheap and good food in Trapani, prices from € 4 – € 10

  • Pizzeria Calvino , by Nunzio Nasi Trapani 71, pizzas from € 4, eat in the restaurant is plus 20% for the ministry. Good pizzas. Here the Italians go themselves to have pizza! Only open in the evening from 19h to 1h, closed Tuesdays.
  • Trattoria Safina , Piazza Umberto 34/35 opposite the station. Open from 11h to 16h and from 18h to 22h. Closed on Wednesday. Menu of the day for about € 10. Good restaurant in a charming room.
  • Dine for average prices in Trapani, prices from € 20 – € 30

  • Ristorante Da Peppe, 56 Via Spalti behind the court. From € 20 for a meal. Good food for a reasonable price.
  • Ai Lumi Tavernetta Corso Vittorio Emanuele 75. Right next to the same BB (see BB’s) Open every day except Sunday. Meals from € 25 and there is sometimes live music.
    Check the website of Ai Lumi
  • Trattoria Fontana Via San Giovanni Bosco 22-26, next to the station. From about € 25 for a Sicilian meal.
  • Antiche Sapori Trattoria , Corso Vittoria Emanuele 191. Closed on Tuesday, from € 25 and couscous to take. Large portions and loved by the Trap Anesi.
    Check the website of Antiche Sapori Trattoria
  • P & G Via Spalti 1. Closed on Sundays. This restaurant serves traditional Sicilian seafood. From € 25 for a meal.
    Check the website of P & G
  • Al Solito Posto , 30a Via Orlandini. Closed Sundays and between 15 to 31 August. This is a popular trattoria with “Slow Food”. They serve the best “busiate con pesto alla Trapanese” of Trapani, a kind of pasta. Very good seafood. Prices from € 28 for a meal.
    Check the website of Al Solito Posto
  • Cantina Siciliana , Via Giudecca 32-36. Closed on Wednesday. This “Slow Food” restaurant in the old Jewish ghetto in Sicily is known for its delicious affordable food. Specialties include the “Cuscus alla Trapanese”, swordfish and fried sardine. The restaurant also has a wine business. The wine is so excellent.
    Check the website of Cantina Siciliana
  • Tentazioni di Gusto Via Badia Nuova 27/29, Trapani. Really good Sicilian food with generous portions and good staff. Price € 25 – to € 30, -.
    Check the website of Tentazioni di Gusto
  • Le Mura Ristorante, Via Siren 15/19, Trapani. Very good restaurant with typical Sicilian dishes of high quality. Pleasant atmosphere, wine cellar, terrace, overlooking the sea. One speaks also English. Take the pasta “Merry Widow”.

    Exclusive food in Trapani, prices from € 30

  • Taverna Paradiso , lungomare Dante Alighieri 22, the fish market on the sea. Open from 13h to 15.30h and evening from 20h until 23.30h. Delicious seafood as Fish Cous Cous. Prices start at around € 40, booking essential, call 092 322 303, +39 with foreign phone.
  • Osteria la Bettolaccia , Via Enrico Generale Fardella 25. No lunch on Sat and Sun. Prices from € 40. Here you can eat fantastic viscouscous. Another delicious dish is swordfish fillet with lemon-fruit sauce. Osteria la Bettolaccia is a member of the Slow Food movement.
    Check the website of Osteria la Bettolaccia
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