In Trapani and surroundings there are some nice beaches to visit. In Trapani there are some small beaches with shallow and clear waters. There are some small beaches close to the center north side. If you like to go to some wider beaches in Trapani you have to go a little bit more north-East. Here you have some nice lido’s at about a few miles from Trapani center.

If you want to go to some special beaches, you have to go to the Egadi-islands, Zingaro or San Vito lo Capo.

Beaches Trapani

Trapani has some nice small beaches close to the centre at the north side of the peninsula. For some wider beaches you have to go a mile to the north. The beaches are easy to reach by car. If you are realy in to sun bathing and you want some better beaches you can travel to the beaches between Trapani and Marsala, 10 miles to the south of Trapani. At these beaches you will also find some beach clubs.

Beaches Egadi-islands

Some special beaches you will find at the three Egadi-islands, just in front of the coast of Trapani and easily to reach by hydrofoil boat wthin 25 minutes. Favignana is the most popular and you will find here cristal clear sea water and splendid beaches.

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Beaches Zingaro

For something special to experience, you go to the reserve of Zingaro where you find fenominal cristal clear and azure sea water. Zingaro is at one hour driving to the east of Trapani.

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Beaches San Vito Lo Capo

One of the most popular beaches in the surroundings is the well known seaside resort of San Vito Lo Capo at about one hour driving from Trapani to the north-east. Here you can enjoy the magnificent beaches and good facilities like restaurants and bars. In this small touristic resort there are many good accommodations to book. People mainly go to San Vito Lo Capo to visit the beaches and to walk around in the small town.

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