About us

We are Koen Huijbrechts (left) and Menno Plate (right). We have a company in Holland and we love the country of Italy.
We have several vacation websites for Italy in Holland and in the UK. Sicily is an amazing holiday destination and we have been going there very frequently during the last decades. Menno has relatives on Sicily and does speak Italian quite well. We have both explored many destinations in Italy and we admire Italy for its wonderful landscapes, delicious food, hospitable people, relaxed climate and her splendid beaches.

As we went to Abruzzo for several times to discover its beauty, we got in contact with many owners of holiday farmhouses, the so called “Agriturismos”. Many of these are located at splendid locations. We have selected the best of them which resulted in our first website in the UK, Agriturismoabruzzo.co.uk. We visit the farms and their owners frequently to update our information and love to help you with finding a great holiday location in Abruzzo.

If you need any help or is you need information for a holiday on Sicily please contact us.

We hope you can make a choice out of the fantastic accommodations on our website and enjoy the beautiful region of Trapani on the island of Sicily!

Koen Huijbrechts & Menno Plate